Dallas Center - Grimes Community School District Status

All schools are scheduled to begin on time.

Fall conference sign-up is available for preschool through fifth grade! Please visit the link below to schedule your conference time. Once at the link, select the teacher of each of your children. All needed conferences can be scheduled with one visit to the site.

PK-5th Grade Fall Conference Sign-Up

We ask that all conferences be scheduled by Friday, October 23rd.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the website, please contact Traci Wilken at 515-986-5674. For scheduling concerns, please contact your child's teacher directly.

What is the purpose of grades? To communicate the learning to others. Grades must be:

  •  Accurate – The grade must reflect the academic performance of the student when the summative grade is given. Behaviors such as attitude, effort, late work, etc. should not affect the academic grade. DCG is considering a separate behavior or ‘employability’ grade to address this need.
  • Fair – The grade must not be influenced by factors unrelated to academic performance, such as gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, etc.

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